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EPSON PM 210/250/270 chip resetter Inquire now
Product Description
1.For use with:PM 210/250/270/235/215/200/225/240/260/280/290.
2.Can reset OEM or compatible chip,user could use refill ink manufactured by third party,save printing cost a lot.
3.100% reset cartridge chip data.
Product Feature
(1) Low cost:use our chip resetter,the original cartridge could be used repeatedly,,if use our refillable ink cartridge,will be more cost-effective,more convenient,save production cost ,and improve the company’s competitiveness.
(2) Ocbestjet chip resetter fundamentally decod circuit of the ink system,use chip to simulate the cartridge data,after decod,every color ink shows 100% ink volume.

(3). We have EPSON PM 210/250/270/235/215/200/225/240/260/280/290 Refillable ink cartridge and inks,if use together with our chip resetter,the function will be better.
Product Specification/Models
EPSON PM 210/250/270/235/215/200/225/240/260/280/290
1. Fit the chip to the groove of chip resetter,enable the probe of chip resetter contacts the contactor of the chips.
2. Press the 2 components together, if the red light gleams ,it means the connection is fine.
3. 5 seconds later, the red light turns to green light,it means the chip data has been refreshed.
4. Refill dye inks or other brand compatible ink ,the cartridge could be used again.
Other Information
1、The ink shows 100%, do not reset the ink volume repeatedly, or the data will be locked.
2、When the ink volume is less than 15%, you must reset the chips by resetter, or the cartridge will have error
3、.Red indicator light gleams, then it always shines ,does not turn to green light.
Reason 1:The probe and the chip contactor do not connect well, or the chip contactor is contaminated.
Reason 2:If the cartridge is not Epson OEM cartridge ,the chip contactor could not connected with the probe well .

4 .After reset the chip,and refill the inks,there are broken lines while printing.
Reason 1: Refill ink quality is bad.It is recommend to use ink that could match Epson OEM products in color and related features.
Reason 2:There are air bubbles while refill inks,you should refill inks slowly.Or before you use the ink cartridges,keep the cartridges with the nozzle downward for 24 hours.
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